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The mission of Luna Readings is to serve as a vessel of divine connection, empowering souls to find solace and clarity through the bridge of spiritual communication. B serves as a conduit between realms, facilitating healing, understanding, and guidance to all who seek her insight. Through dedication to authenticity, integrity, and empathy, B aspires to uplift and inspire individuals to embrace their spiritual journey with courage, wisdom, and grace.


The vision of Luna Readings is to foster a culture of openness, deeper understanding, insight, and empowerment through the boundless potential of spiritual communication. B aims to inspire a society where the spiritual realm is integrated into daily life, encouraging and supporting exploration, enlightenment, profound transformation, and spiritual evolution; guiding humanity to greater harmony, purpose and fulfillment.

B will soon be offering general readings via Zoom, or you may contact her via email, or Instagram direct message, to inquire for current in-person sessions located in the Kawartha Lakes.

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