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Who is B (and Luna)?

B is an Empath and Intuitive with the gift of Clairvoyance. Luna was her beloved dog (pictured), and although she has now passed, she is still very much present in B’s life. 


B has been called towards spirituality and her gift since she was a child, and after keeping her love for spiritual practices in the dark for years, has now accepted and began working with her gift publicly. She took many different paths in life, but nothing seemed to work for her long-term as she now knows, her purpose was always to become a healer, and can now see how her various ventures were stepping stones to get to where she is now. 


Although young, she has had countless abnormal experiences throughout her life, finding herself in and overcoming some very crazy or scary situations, often describing her life as something out of a movie. One thing she now knows is that she always had a heavy angelic presence watching over and protecting her. When her Grandfather, Boyd, passed away in 2021, B started talking to and “hanging out” with him, dismissing her experiences as merely that of grief. Her Grandfather was her whole world and it did not make sense to her that he had vanished altogether, and although he no longer had a physical presence, she knew the essence of his being and spirit could never be lost. As he is also still very prominent in her life and her main source of guidance on the other side, she now knows these experiences were very real. 


She was carrying a good deal of trauma as a result of her childhood and eventful life that followed, and as she began going through trauma therapy in 2023, she became more and more clairvoyant after each “block” she had processed. It was undeniable that she was now embarking on a much bigger journey than she had ever anticipated. As the things she was and is experiencing are quite abnormal to the average person, it was very scary and lonely at the beginning, and she felt very crazy as the people around her were not experiencing or seeing the same things she was. B is known by those close to her to have immense strength, and this really showed in her ability to learn about and navigate the non-physical and her gift (something that did not come with a guide book or instructions), believing in herself and pushing through this process quite quickly with a considerable amount of grace and adaptability. She is very appreciative to have had the support of her Mother and Psychic Medium, Cathy Chafe, throughout this difficult and questioning time.


B is a true Empath and gifted Intuitive capable of aura reading, intuitive reading, and channeling spirit. Regardless of her tremendous trials and tribulations throughout life, she is now living a life aligned with her purpose, full of love and contentment, and wants to help to guide others to find the same and bring healing to anyone she can. She is very open minded, understanding, and easy to talk to, and welcomes people from all walks of life to her services.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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